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CCA001 Camel Multi-purpose Construction Adhesive
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applicable : Timber, Masonry, Concrete, Plasterboard, MDF, Particleboard, Rubber, Glass, Metals, Tiles & Ceramics and Plastics* etc.
features :

MULTI-PURPOSE CONSTRUCTION ADHESIVE delivers strong bonding on building substrates, low VOC formulation, fast drying and non-drip, easy to use on vertical wall, suitable for most construction substrates.


  • Low VOC
  • Fast Drying
  • Non-drip
  • For Indoor / Outdoor
  • Paintable When Dried
  • Multi-substrates



1. Clean off any dust and dirt from

2. Cut nozzle to desired size an
   insert into the caulking gun.

3. Apply to one surface and press
   together, pull apart, dry for few
   minutes then press firmly
   together, use with damping to
   hold bond area.

will dry after 24 hours^
   and paintable.


*Test before use


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1) Fast Drying Test

Public Photos / Files - 快乾不垂流比較:木掛衣架測試


2) Non-Drip Test

Public Photos / Files - 不漏膠測試


3) How To Use

 Public Photos / Files - 更換鬆脫地腳線三步曲

capacity : 350G
color : N/A
Finish : N/A
coverage : 0 m²/ltr./coat
Drying Time :

Reposition Time - 5-10 minutes^
Cure Time - initial bond in 5 hours^,
                    Strong Bond in 24 hours^
Heat-resistant Temp. - Max. 70℃


^Expect longer times in cold
  weather or damp area

thinner : N/A
download :